You can C the benefits of orange juice

by | Apr 28, 2020

I have good news! After years of declining orange juice consumption, the shelter-in-place orders that have forced Americans to stay home are leading them to drink more of the breakfast staple.

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said a week ago that the company’s Minute Maid and Simply Orange juices are seeing higher sales.

  • In the past eight weeks, retail sales of orange juice rose 33.5% compared with a year ago.

Why, you ask?: Lockdowns incited by the coronavirus pandemic mean that Americans are eating breakfast at home, reversing the trend of grabbing the early morning meal on the way to work.

Ron Mahan of Tamiami Citrus believes Americans are also reaching for the OJ right now for its health benefits, saying, “obviously vitamin C is a big part of it. But also, orange juice contains beta keratin which the body turns into vitamin A. It has vitamin B6 for you, potassium, a little bit of iron.”

Why was the man fired from the orange juice factory?

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