What it’s like to use Amazon’s smart shopping carts

by | Jul 14, 2020

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Your shopping cart is about to get a whole lot smarter. Amazon is launching smart shopping carts that track items as shoppers add them, then automatically charges them when they remove the grocery bags, allowing them to skip the checkout line all together.

  • The “Dash Carts” will roll out at Amazon’s new grocery store in Los Angeles, which will open later this year.

Shoppers must have an Amazon account and a smartphone to use a Dash Cart. After entering the store, users scan a QR code, located in the Amazon app, that signs them into the cart and loads Alexa shopping lists.

Each cart has built-in cameras that identify items as they’re placed in bags inside the cart, and a scale to weigh them if necessary.

And no, it won’t judge you for only buying a microwave dinner and a carton of Ben and Jerry’s.

The cart is also equipped with a coupon scanner that applies any discounts to the shopper’s order. The carts are designed for small and medium-sized grocery trips, where shoppers might leave the store with one or two bags.

When they’re ready to leave, shoppers simply exit via the store’s Dash Cart lane. The company charges the credit card linked to their Amazon account and emails a copy of the receipt.

Bezos is really securing the (grocery) bag with this one.

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