Temperature-checking kiosks are coming soon to a theater (or retailer/hotel/ sports stadium) near you!

by | May 21, 2020

Contactless temperature-checking kiosks are coming soon to a theater (or retailer/hotel/sports stadium) near you!

Many businesses have been closed since mid-March and are eager to welcome back customers and the billions of dollars they bring. Still, they want to do so safely. One option is to implement temperature checks at the front door.

  • While temperature checks do have their limits, they can weed out the most obvious Covid-19 cases

On Thursday, IntraEdge and Pyramid Computer announced they had teamed up to create Janus, a contactless kiosk that can check the temperature of as many as 1,500 people per hour.

  • Janus is less than two feet tall and a little more than a foot wide

First, you go to the Janus website and fill out a questionnaire. Next, you step up the machine and scan the QR code on your phone. Then, you position your head within rage of the camera and wait 1-5 seconds. Ta-da! That’s it! Your temperature information will be sent to your mobile device and the screen on the Janus device will tell the screener if you have been granted access to the venue or not.

“Nothing will be ‘normal’ about our ‘new normal,’” Ryan Lagace, North American chief operating officer of Pyramid Computer, said. “But we firmly believe Janus will make a positive difference in the lives and environments of businesses’ re-opening through our contactless and secure solution.”

  • A single Janus kiosk costs around $7,500

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