Sit back, relax, (make sure you’re in park) and enjoy the show

by | May 15, 2020

Sandy and Danny and the cast of Grease are not the only ones spending time at the drive-in these days. Drive-in theaters are having a moment as coronavirus social distancing restrictions make them one of the only safe ways to go to the movies.

“We are surprised,” Jim Kopp, owner of the Family Drive-in Theater in Stephens City, Virginia, said. “There are a lot of folks anxious to go out and be safe and get some movie entertainment.”

The 50’s called, they want their theaters back: Only about 330 drive-ins are still in operation in the United States as of this month, down from the late 1950s peak of about 4,000.

Will it last?: In the past few months, drive-ins have seen spikes in revenue and a massive increase in demand. Drive-in owners are hopeful that the newfound resurgence in patronage will continue even after Covid-19.

But for now, sit back, relax, (make sure you’re in park) and enjoy the show.

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