Singapore deploys a robot ‘dog’ to encourage social distancing

by | May 9, 2020

Singapore is trying a new way to get its residents to stay away from each other.

On Friday, the government announced it would start deploying Spot, a canine robot developed by Boston Dynamics, at a local park.


The four-legged robot “dog” will patrol the area starting this weekend and broadcast a pre-recorded message to visitors to remind them of the importance of social distancing, authorities said.

Remind you of a Black Mirror episode? Us too.

The device will also be equipped with cameras that will scan the surroundings and help officials estimate the number of people gathering in parks, they said.

These cameras will not be able to track and/or recognize specific individuals, and no personal data will be collected,” the government said in a statement.

Since March 17, Singapore’s number of confirmed coronavirus cases grew from 266 to 21,707 cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. As the situation worsens, the government has increasingly adopted technology in its response.

It seems Singapore’s government is adopting new pets during quarantine, too!

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