Pant sales are down and PJ sales are up – Comfort is in style during the coronavirus crisis

by | May 12, 2020

Comfort is in style during the coronavirus crisis. No one is buying pants, but pajama sales are soaring.

Online sales of pajamas surged 143% in April from March, while purchases of pants fell 13% and bra sales declined 12%, according to data from Adobe Analytics. So if you’ve been wearing the same sweatpants for the past week, you’re definitely not alone.

Ever since consumers started hunkering down at home, apparel companies have been trying to play up the comfort-cozy trend.

Dress down:

  • A recent Nordstrom promotional email reads: “Cute shoes to wear at home or around the block.”
  • Athletic apparel company Bandier has been marketing outfits: “Cook in your sweats.”
  • Crew has a “Staying-In” shop on its website.
  • Clothing rental service Rent the Runway has sections on its app for “Night In” outfits and “Perfect Zoom Tops.”

It’s like every day is casual Friday.

Stay safe everyone, and stay comfortable!

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