One burrito please, hold the guilt

by | Jul 14, 2020

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Starting tomorrow, Chipotle will begin testing cilantro-lime “cauliflower rice” at 55 locations across Denver and Wisconsin.

Cauliflower rice is exactly what it sounds like: cauliflower cut up into rice-sized pieces. What it lacks in flavor it makes up for in fiber and antioxidants! Plus, one serving has only 4 net carbs — a fraction of the carbs that a cup of white or brown rice have.

With the switch to cauliflower, Chipotle is trying to stay ahead of changing consumer tastes. Health-conscious customers have increasingly been gravitating toward low-carb or more plant-based alternatives, such as cauliflower rice.

“To date, one out of three new menu item requests from Chipotle customers is for Cauliflower Rice,” Chipotle’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Brandt said.

Going forward, the biggest hurdle for Chipotle won’t be convincing customers to try the cauliflower rice…but rather convincing them to spend the extra $2 to make the swap. If they’re choosing between splurging on queso or cauliflower…it won’t be much of a competition.

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