Lessons learned from “unprecedented times”

by | May 20, 2020

The world looks a little different these days than it did a few months ago. 

Here at Zogo, we’re extremely lucky. Our team has the ability to work remotely and keep our business running through the peaks and valleys of the news cycle. 

In times of crisis like this, it’s important to reflect on how privileged we are to be in this position — but it would be disappointing if we emerged from this extraordinary experience having learned nothing at all. 

At Zogo, we’re tracking COVID-19 news and still reacting and adjusting every day. But here’s some of what our team is beginning to learn as the world works its way through this crisis:

Remote work is more than possible when you trust your team. We’ve been lucky in the way that everyone at Zogo has whole-heartedly embraced the challenge of working from home. We’ve made some adjustments: CEO Bolun Li said it’s been especially important to keep reiterating company goals, and that “face-to-face” interaction on video conferences is much better than phone calls or keeping cameras turned off. But overall, the transition to a fully remote team can work well when you everyone believes in the mission — and this way, we can help flatten the curve while keeping the company running.

Listening is more important than ever. From morning to night, we’re talked at: by the officials on our TV screens, by the headlines in the newspaper and sometimes even by strangers on social media.We’ve recommitted ourselves to reaching out to our users, asking what their financial reality is and what their biggest concerns are now that the coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. 

Financial independence really is a critical goal. I don’t know that I really understood the importance of an emergency fund until this spring. In March, I lost my job at a local restaurant and had to look for post-grad work in a difficult hiring market. Luckily, things worked out for me: I got this job, I had some savings and I knew that if everything fell through I could always move back in with my dad. Not everyone is that fortunate, and I’m more committed than ever to making sure that every American can take care of themselves and their families in times of calm and crisis. 

We will all emerge from this period of time different people, businesses and communities than we were before — in the meantime, all we can do is give back where we can and work to ensure that change is for the better.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve taken away from these past few months of non-stop change?


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