It’s TikTok o’clock

by | Jun 22, 2020

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When you think about TikTok you probably think about dances and challenges. But what about learning how to manage your money? If you’re here, you’re probably interested in learning about personal finance.  Soon, you’ll be able to find some money tips in the unlikeliest of places: TikTok.

Some context: TikTok is having a moment. The app was downloaded more than 11 million times in March as many Americans hunkered down at home and…got bored.

The social media site is using its newfound fame for good with their new initiative: #LearnOnTikTok. The program will fund various educational videos in order to provide learning opportunities while everyone is in lockdown.

One of the content creators receiving funding is Brittney Castro, ( a certified financial planner and founder of Financially Wise Women. Castro believes that TikTok is lowering the barrier to financial education and allowing her to provide financial guidance in a way that is accessible to everyone. “I just want to make money fun for people,” she said.

While Castro sees the platform as a fun and trendy way to increase financial literacy, she also wants you to exercise caution. “If you are going to TikTok for advice on a specific subject, keep in mind…it is TikTok. People are creating engaging content, but you still need to search for those professionals who have credentials,” she said.

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