How Uber rides are about to change

by | May 16, 2020

The experience of taking an Uber is about to change.

Beginning Monday, Uber drivers will be required to take selfies in the app to verify they are wearing a mask or face covering before they are able to pick up passengers.

That is just one part of interactive checklist drivers will have to complete each time they go online to accept rides.

  • Other requirements include confirming they do not have symptoms, sanitizing their vehicle regularly, and washing their hands.

It goes both ways: Riders will also be required to confirm that they are wearing a mask or face covering before hailing a car, but there is not a selfie component (thank goodness). Drivers and riders will both have the ability to cancel a trip if either of them arenโ€™t wearing a face covering.

When riders confirm they are wearing a mask, they will also see recommendations to avoid sitting in the front seat and to open windows for ventilation.

The company also said it has allocated $50 million to purchase supplies like masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant sprays and wipes for drivers.

The only thing better than that new car smell? That clean car smell.

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