Google and North’s 2020 vision

by | Jul 1, 2020

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Google announced yesterday that it has acquired North, a company that makes augmented reality glasses.

We’re not surprised. Google was an early pioneer in the field of augmented reality, where computer-generated images are superimposed over the real world. Google Glass, one of the first augmented reality devices, was unveiled in 2012, but its super high price along with privacy concerns surrounding the glasses’ video camera dampened its appeal among consumers.

Google said that North would help revitalize its vision of “ambient computing,” where all of our ever-present devices can work together without us really having to think about it.

“We’re building towards a future where helpfulness is all around you and technology fades into the background,” Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of devices and services at Google said. “North’s technical expertise will help as we continue to invest in our hardware efforts and ambient computing future.”

North’s co-founders Stephen Lake, Matthew Bailey and Aaron Grant agree, saying that the deal makes sense because it will help “significantly advance our shared vision.”

For Google and North, the big picture is becoming clear: ambient computing is the future.

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