Ads are coming to IGTV and this time, creators get a cut

by | May 29, 2020

Bad news everyone, the Kardashians are about to make even more money.

For the first time in its history, Instagram will start showing advertisements on its IGTV video app and will split the revenue from those ads with influencers who create videos for the service.

Starting next week, ads will begin showing up on IGTV for a small group of creator partners. Instagram will share an “industry standard” 55 percent cut with those creators, according to Instagram’s COO Justin Osofsky. This should encourage more influencers to create material for IGTV.

  • BTW, now’s a good time to step up your gram game.

Previously, Instagram influencers were left to figure out how to make money on the platform on their own. I’m sure you’ve seen them on your feed “casually” posing with an overpriced herbal tea or protein shake.

This new move will make it easier for creators to connect with advertisers and make money and adds yet another source of revenue for Instagram.

“We’re committed to making IGTV an effective and brand-safe space for advertising, so that we can help creators make money and connect people with great products,” the company said

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