Adidas and Allbirds have taken an idea and are running with it

by | Jun 3, 2020

Adidas and Allbirds have teamed up to create the most sustainable sneaker ever.

The sportswear company and sustainability-focused Silicon Valley-based shoemaker are joining forces to produce a high-performance sneaker with the lowest possible carbon emissions.

Their goal? To design a sneaker with a carbon output of 2 kg or less. To call that ambitious would be an understatement – the average sneaker has a carbon output of 13.6 kg.

  • The carbon output of Adidas sneakers averages between 10 and 15 kg
  • Allbirds’ sneakers have a lower carbon output, around 7 kg.

“Getting to two kilograms is like running a two-minute mile,” said James Carnes, vice president of brand strategy at Adidas. “It seems impossible, but that’s what gets us excited.”

Wondering what’s in it for each brand? Adidas gets to expand its reputation for sustainability and Allbirds will build some recognition for performance.

“Ultimately, collaboration is the thing,” said Carnes. “We’ve already realized we’re doing the right thing because we’re moving so much faster than either of us would have if we were trying to do this alone.”

They’re taking an idea and running with it.

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