Nestlé loses an Impossible battle

by | Jun 1, 2020

Who would win in a fight between Nestlé and Impossible Foods? Impossible Foods, apparently. Nestlé must stop marketing its plant-based burgers as “Incredible” in Europe after a Dutch court ruled that the use of the word infringes on an Impossible Foods trademark.

  • The court said the words “Impossible” and “Incredible” sound similar, and the similarity may confuse customers

The order means Nestlé has to change the name of its Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger throughout the European Union. The Dutch court gave Nestlé four weeks to withdraw the old product name from retail shelves or face a fine of $27,700 per day.

The company said it would rebrand the product as “Sensational” across Europe. The company uses “Awesome Burger” branding in the United States.

The legal spat highlights the struggle for dominance in the fast-growing plant-based meat market, where older more established companies are competing with cool new start-ups like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat.

Plant-based meat sales in the US totaled a little over $1 billion last year, up 14% from the prior year. It seems consumers are increasingly developing an *appetite* for healthier, more sustainable options.

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