We’re in the ‘hair color’ phase of panic buying

by | Apr 13, 2020

In recent weeks, Americans’ shopping patterns are serving as a reflection of how the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve and affect daily lives. Now, sales are showing that β€” without the ability to venture to a hair salon β€” folks are getting shaggy.

Here’s a look at how buying patterns have shifted in the last few weeks:

Week 1: Hand sanitizers and disinfectants: The first wave of heightened shopping showed consumers were buying up various means to protect themselves as the virus spread β€” masks, cleaning products, and hand sanitizers.

  • During the week ending March 7, hand sanitizer sales skyrocketed 470% from the year before.


Week 2: Toilet paper: Then, in a buying binge that served as an inspiration for many Covid-19 memes, shoppers stockpiled toilet paper.

  • Bath tissue, facial tissue, and paper towel products all saw triple-digit sales increases during the week that ended March 14.


Weeks 3 and 4: Baking yeast: As hunkering down at home transitioned to settling in, Americans turned to baking.

  • In the weeks ending March 21 and March 28, baking yeast sales grew more than any other consumer packaged goods product, up 647% and 457%, respectively, over the same weeks in 2019.


Week 5: Hair clippers and hair dye: During the week ending April 4, consumers started to gravitate toward products to maintain their manes.

  • Sales of hair clippers increased 166% and hair coloring products rose 23%, from the same period a year earlier.


A side note: Zogo does not recommend cutting your own bangs, but if you must, please watch at least one Youtube tutorial first.


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